Learning From The Koala Bear

Why the Koala Bear Animal Spirit Symbol? By incorporating the lessons of the koala into our meditation routine, we can develop greater focus, resilience and inner peace. The koala helps with focus in meditation, encourages relaxing exercises like yoga and deep breathing, keeps tranquility amid storms, survival and learning new things, represents gratitude, healing, calmness, trust, empathy, protection and pleasure. 

Our Mission Statement 

To provide our clients with quality, personalized sessions to relieve stress and discomfort. Teach clients to balance their mind, body, spirit and energy flow. We accomplish this by providing meditation, mindfulness, massage and energy work services. Leaving them with a sense of well-being and relaxation that is provided in a safe, comfortable environment. 

For all to be living in a Mindful Universe…Empowering the next generation to make this world a far better place, starts with us. 

About Our Vision Butterfly

Our Vision Statement 

We believe that Mindfulness is the non-judgmental way for anyone to experience the present moment; it  can improve your ability to cope with the challenges and choices you face and aid in living your life to the fullest.
To create an environment where people of all faiths or no faith can nurture the awareness of their mind and spirit with honor and respect and provides growth in wisdom, compassion and healing for themselves and all living beings. Offering programs in a safe and nourishing environment of respect and inclusion. 
We believe Meditation practice opens the door to a spiritual practice that can enhance your mind and bring clarity to your life. 
We believe in the energy balancing effects provided by Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki, Cupping and other modalities such as Sound Bowls and Tuning Forks. As practitioners of these modalities we allow energies to flow through us to move blockages as your higher self sees fit.
We also provide Massage therapy to help rid the body of tension created by stress and dis-ease.
We provide these modalities with respect and universal love for your highest good. 

Our Values 

In a world that seems to be separating people we want to give strength and resilience to people. As we center the individual, we strengthen the community.  
  • We promote loving kindness and compassion for oneself and all living beings.  

  • We welcome diversity and inclusiveness and welcome people of all ethnicities and social levels. 

  • We provide opportunities for growth and wellbeing of mind, body and spirit leading to increased wisdom and self-liberation.  

About Our Values of loving kindness

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