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Tranquil Mobile Services for Hospice Facilities

Create a haven of peace and serenity within your hospice facility with our exclusive mobile services tailored for patients, families, and dedicated staff. At Meditation Sisters, we understand the importance of holistic care during challenging times, which is why we bring the rejuvenating power of Meditation, Massage, Reiki, and Sound Bowl Healing right to your doorstep.

✨ MEDITATION SESSIONS ✨ Immerse your hospice community in tranquility with personalized meditation sessions. Our experienced practitioners will guide patients, families, and staff through calming practices, fostering a sense of inner peace and emotional well-being.

👐 SOOTHING MASSAGE THERAPY 🌿 Ease the burdens of stress and tension with our expert massage therapists. Tailored to individual needs, our massages offer a comforting touch that promotes relaxation, alleviates discomfort, and enhances overall comfort for patients and caregivers alike.

🎶 SOUND BOWL HEALING 🎶 Enrich the therapeutic experience with the resonating tones of sound bowls. Our skilled practitioners use sound vibrations to induce a deep state of relaxation, promoting mental clarity and easing emotional distress for patients, families, and staff.

🌀 ENERGY BALANCING REIKI 🌀 Experience the gentle yet powerful touch of Reiki, a holistic healing technique that channels positive energy to promote physical and emotional balance. Our certified Reiki practitioners will bring a sense of calm and healing energy to your hospice community.


Pain relief and relaxation

Improved sleep quality

Enhanced emotional well-being

Increased sense of comfort and peace


Stress Reduction & Emotional Support

Renewed Energy and Focus

Improved Morale & Well-being

Strengthened sense of community & connection

Give your hospice facility the gift of compassionate care and well-being. Contact us today at info@MeditationSisters.com to schedule a consultation and bring the healing touch of Meditation, Massage, Reiki, and Sound Bowl Healing to those who matter most. Together, let’s create an atmosphere of comfort, support, and serenity.

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