denise fassbender profile

Denise Fassbender

Master Instructor Integrated Energy Therapy 
National Board Certified Massage and Bodywork Practitioner
Nationally Certified Hospice Volunteer
Certificate for Sensitivity Training in Rape Crisis
Certified Meditation Facilitator
IBCCES Professional Certificate Working with People of Autism
CAN & Autism Travel Club – Activities Provider Certificate
Certified Sound Healer

I’m Denise Fassbender, a Wellness Provider, with a passion for helping people lead healthier, more vibrant lives. I believe that with the right guidance and support, you can achieve your goals and start living a happier, more fulfilling life.

Through my own personal journey with stress, anxiety and low self-esteem, I’ve learned that taking small steps towards overcoming fear and taking control of my life had profound life-changing results.

I started in the mortgage industry in 1989, at an entry level position and worked my way to Senior Director.  I found my strength of character and developed my personal & professional identity.  I found my love of mentoring and training both clients and staff so they could achieve their personal and professional goals.  It was quite an experience and I wouldn’t have traded it for the world.  However, I was drawn to helping others on a more compassionate level.

In 2010, I went back to school to train in holistic care.  I found the Center of Being in Woodstock NY grabbed my interest with Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), similar to Reiki.  I graduated as a Master Instructor of IET.  My clients enjoyed it so much, they asked me to expand to be a one stop shop and add massage to my modalities being offered.

In 2011, I trained with Lighthouse Hospice in Cherry Hill NJ and became a Nationally recognized Hospice Volunteer and offer massage and energy work to hospice patients, families and staff.

In 2012, I graduated from the Rizzieri School of Healing Arts in Mount Laurel NJ.  I took it a bit further, studying in Eastern and Western Medicine and taking the National Board Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Exams in Charleston SC obtaining my NCBTMB in 2013, the highest credential within this profession.

In 2014, I trained with Rape Crisis Center at Holistic Health & Healing Center in Myrtle Beach SC and offered massage and energy work to those who are hurting  and trying to heal deep wounds.  As well as earning a certificate working with people with PTSD through Integrated Healthcare, an NCBTMB approved provider.  I am honored to be offering services for our veterans and those who continue to suffer with trauma.

I pivoted my career full time into the holistic world, adding Meditation and Mindfulness through One Soul Source in Reno NV, graduating as a Certified Meditation Facilitator in 2022.

In 2023 I learned Raindrop Technique and  the use of Solfeggio Weighted / Medical Tuning Forks, complimenting IET and Raindrop sessions, as well as, Clinical Cupping, complimenting any massage service.

Also in 2023, IBCCES University, Jacksonville, FL –  earning a Professional Certificate Working with People of Autism; Champion Autism Network / Autism Travel Club, Surfside Beach, SC – earning a certificate in Autism Ready – as an Activities Provider.  Making services mindful of how important it is to understand the needs of individuals on the spectrum and meet them where they are at each day.  Being aware of attention spans, literal meaning, inclusion, creativity and sensory needs to ensure a safe and comfortable environment.

January 2024, became a certified Sound Healer through Life Changing Energy, Brighton, MI.  I am able to offer Sound Bowl healing, Tuning Forks healing and able to perform a Sound Bath Experience playing over 20 instruments to soothe and balance the body.

I am proud to offer an array of natural healing modalities to my clients through one-on-one live and virtual sessions, group sessions at a wellness studio, support group settings or corporate locations.  These offerings not only help people of all ages to grow personally, but professionally as well, learning how to navigate life’s challenges, allowing everyone a chance to live their full potential, at their peak performance, in a place of peace and confidence.