About Lisa Jacobs Meditation Sisters

Lisa Jacobs

Certified in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki – International Association of Reiki Practitioners 

Meditation and Mindfulness Teaching – School of Positive Transformation 

Alzheimer/Dementia Care – National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners 

Medical Assisting/Medical Office Management – Delaware Valley Medical and Dental Assistance School 

Professional Certificate Working with People of Autism – IBCCES University, Jacksonville, FL

Activities Provider Certificate – CAN & Autism Travel Club, Surfside Beach, SC

I bring you my professional experience with a strong background in training staff, running medical offices, as well as managing an Independent Living Medical Department of a Continued Care Community. I helped coordinate all levels of care including Home Care, Hospice, Personal Care and Skilled Nursing departments.  With my 25+ years helping patients/residents manage through difficult conversations and supporting physicians, nurses, social workers in their daily duties, and training medical assistants, managing staff through multiple computer systems, I am well versed in managing people through change. 

As a young mother of two boys, I took night classes for early childhood day care and had a structured home childcare business. With a structured curriculum and lots of love to share, I cared for toddlers until everyone reached 2nd grade.  

I have been privileged to care for loved ones during illness and end of life. These are the experiences that lead me into the world of healing, compassion, and spirituality.  

I have volunteered with the American Red Cross, Aid for Friends, Meals on Wheels, and home visitation with my local church. More recently with a local breast cancer center. With this background I am able to understand the stresses of business professionals, caregivers, parents, and those dealing with chronic illness and end of life. 

In a world filled with ever increasing demands coming from all angles, I hope to help you learn to bring inner calm while you weather any storm. Mindfulness helps you to manage your stress responses making you better able to respond to your circumstances. Meditation brings peace and spiritual awakening. Reiki is a wonderful way to work through the blockages that cause anxiety and that can result in physical pain. With a bit of your time and some practice, I’m sure the Meditation Sisters can help you find fulfillment and joy in your life.